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What we offer

As individuals, we all have different lifestyles, priorities, goals and ambitions. We understand this and actively encourage it. And we offer a comprehensive package that benefits everyone.

As an organization, we aim to generate as much diversity as possible and make every effort to provide the kind of rewards that all our employees can benefit from and enjoy.

Packages may differ depending on your choice of business area or location, but we pride ourselves on rewarding our employees properly. Here are a few examples how:

Salary and benefits

Our competitive salaries are designed to reflect both the market conditions of your location and the levels of skill and experience we need to stay in front. We have a high performance culture that recognizes individual contribution by linking performance to pay and bonuses.

Work life balance

We promote a healthy work life balance for all our people. We admit that, sometimes, we may need you to go the extra mile and work a bit harder, but we’ll ensure you're rewarded appropriately.

Many of our employees need just a little bit more than your standard 9-5. And they enjoy flexible working arrangements that suit their individuals needs and circumstances much better.

Annual Employee Survey

We are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable working environment for all our people.

Our annual employee survey gives everyone the opportunity to have their say on what they do and don't like about working with us. It's that simple. The results are then broken down and discussed, and we commit to making the improvements our people want to see. Managers and employees work together to put into place the changes they want and this makes Aspen a place where people love to work.